Pickle Juice Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich
Serves: 4 sandwiches
  • 1 cup Pickle Juice
  • 1 cup Buttermilk
  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • 1.5 cups All Purpose Flour
  • ½ cup Powdered Sugar
  • 1 tbsp. Garlic Powder
  • 1 tbsp. Smoked Paprika
  • 1 tsp. Kosher Salt
  • 1 tbsp. Freshly Cracked Black Pepper
  • 2 Eggs
  • ¼ cup Pickle Juice
  • Vegetable Oil, for frying
  • ¼ cup Pickle Juice
  • ½ cup Buttermilk
  • 4 cups Coleslaw Mix
  • ¼ small Red Onion
  • 1 JalapeƱo, seeded and sliced
  • ¼ cup loosely packed Parsley Leaves, chopped
  • Salt, to taste
  • 1 cup Mayonnaise
  • 2 cloves Garlic, minced
  • 1.5 tbsp. - 2 tbsp. Habanero Hot Sauce
  • 4 Brioche Hamburger Buns
  • Pearl and Johnny Dill -icious Pickles, for garnish
  1. MARINATE: Place all brine ingredients in a bowl or ziplock bag. Allow to marinate in the refrigerator for 2 - 6 hours.
  2. COLESLAW: Combine all ingredients for the Buttermilk Spicy Coleslaw in a large mixing bowl and set aside in the refrigerator.
  3. AIOLI: Mix all ingredients for the Habanero Garlic Aioli in a medium serving bowl. Taste and add more hot sauce if you prefer. Cover and place in the refrigerator until you're ready to assemble the sandwiches.
  4. BATTER: Mix first 6 ingredients of the breading in a large mixing bowl. Then whisk the eggs and pickle juice in a medium mixing bowl.
  5. FRYING: Heat oil in a cast-iron pan or dutch oven to 350F. Take chicken out of the ziplock bag and shake off any excess liquid. Dredge each breast in the pickle-egg mixture, and then the flour. Once coated, place chicken in the hot oil to fry. Cook each breast for approximately 7 minutes on each side, or until internal temperature is 165F. Drain each breast on wire rack over a cookie sheet for at least 5 minutes.
  6. ASSEMBLE: Slather the interior sides of the buns with the aioli, then top with fried chicken breast, coleslaw, and pickles. Enjoy immediately.
Recipe by Slice of Jess at https://sliceofjess.com/pickle-juice-crispy-fried-chicken-sandwich/